6 Fun Printable and Digital Activities for Otis and the Scarecrow

Printable and Digital Book Companion  for Otis and the Scarecrow





Otis and the Scarecrow Book Activities

Do you know Otis? He’s a little tractor with a big heart. In Otis and the Scarecrow, a new friend, a scarecrow, comes to live on the farm. Otis welcomes him with a friendly smile, but the scarecrow just stands there with a sour look on his face. Does Otis give up? Ohhh no. He’s much too nice to give up.


With this printable and digital book companion, students complete 6 challenges/worksheets. Each challenge reveals a mystery word that will be used to crack a final code word. If they get the final code word right, they are given the answer to a joke.

Let’s look at the printable activities for this fun fall read-aloud!

Students are given a recording sheet. Each time they complete an activity, they discover a mystery word. They’ll write these words here.



There are six printable worksheets, a recording sheet, a coloring sheet with the answer to the joke, and directions to read to students.


Your students will be so engaged in cracking code words, they won’t even realize they are learning and reviewing Common Core Standards!

You’ll love the vocabulary cards that are included in this pack!


Now let’s look at the digital activities. They are ready to assign in Google and Seesaw!


1. Vocabulary Puzzle

Students match each vocabulary word to its synonyms to make a nice scarecrow scene. Each moveable piece has a letter. When students have everything in the right place, they’ll see that the letters make a word from the story. This is the mystery word for challenge #1.


2. Nonfiction Reading Passage

I love pairing fiction and nonfiction. Students read (or listen) to this passage and answer 5 questions. The letters of their answers make the mystery word for challenge #2.


3. Put the story events in order

Students drag and drop the story events in order. They use the secret code to discover the mystery word for #3.


4.  Adjectives

This book is full of so many adjectives. For this activity, students determine what the adjective is telling us about the noun. 


5. Complete and Incomplete Sentences

This is a Google Form. Students simply determine if the sentence is complete or incomplete. They are given the mystery word at the end of the challenge.


 6. Story Questions

This is a Google form also. There are 10 comprehension questions for students to answer. They are given the mystery word at the end of the challenge.




Now that all 6 challenges are complete, it’s time to crack the final code word to get the answer to the joke. 


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