Gobble Gobble Mr. Wobble – An Interactive Thanksgiving Read Aloud


This fun Thanksgiving book has quite a twist. Mr. Wobble is invited to the Thanksgiving feast. But is he a guest…or the meal? 

Gobble Gobble Mr. Wobble a Thanksgiving interactive read aloud.


 Picture it: The story you’re reading to your class mentions a dog. Hands fly up and everyone wants to tell about their dog. Happens all the time! Students love the opportunity to share and make text-to-self connections. When we do an interactive read-aloud, we help keep our little ones focused and engaged in the story. 

Here’s an interactive read-aloud lesson for a fun Thanksgiving story:

What are some things you might eat on Thanksgiving? (give time for a few shared answers.) A lot of people have a delicious, juicy turkey on Thanksgiving. Today we’re reading a story called Gobble Gobble Mr. Wobble. He is a turkey who gets invited to the Thanksgiving feast at Farmer Joe’s house. He thinks he will be the guest, but his friends think he will be the meal. Oh no! Let’s read and find out.



To keep students engaged in the read-aloud, I like to use partner talk. Before reading, assign talking partners.

 Interactive Read-Aloud Questions

(Page 1 is the first page with illustrations)
  • After reading page 4 – It looks like the mouse and the cow are a little sad. Talk to your partner about why the mouse and the cow might be feeling this way.
  • After reading pages 9 and 10 – The mouse looks like he’s cutting a hole in the barn. Why would he do that? (Call on 2 or 3 students to answer.)
  • After reading pages 11 and 12 – Wobble is reading a book called Good Table Manners. Why would he be reading a book about good table manners? Talk to your partner and share your ideas.
  • After reading page 13 – Why do you think the mouse has a bag with an apple, a flashlight, and a map? Partner talk.
  • After page 17 – Did you think the farmer was going to chop wood? (group answer)
  • After pages 21 and 22 – Why do you think Mr. Wobble said he was thankful for lasagna? (one student can answer)
  • After reading the signs the animals made – Why did they make all these signs?
  • This story had a twist, didn’t it? It seemed like Mr. Wobble was going to be eaten at the Thanksgiving dinner, but he was a guest instead.