The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors Activities

Have you ever wondered how the game of rock paper scissors began? Well, Drew Daywalt has created a fantastic legend your students will LOVE! It all started in the Kingdom of the Backyard. Read this funny story about how three great warriors started it all. Take a look at these book activities for The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors.


Here is a picture book challenge that is similar to an escape game. 
Students solve six digital challenges and discover a mystery word after each one. They must crack a final codeword using all the mystery words.
 If they crack the codeword and enter it correctly on a Google form, the answer to a joke is revealed. 

The six standards bases book activities are:

1.  Cause Effect Match Up
2. Informational Passage with Questions
3. Vocabulary Puzzle
4.  Antonyms
5. Identify Adjectives
6. Story Questions

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