Christmas Read Aloud and Fun Activities: Dasher by Matt Tavares

Let’s explore this Heartwarming Christmas read aloud

Christmas Read Aloud
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tier 2 vocabulary

8 tier 2 vocabulary words for Dasher, by Matt Tavares

picture book challenge

I’ve created many picture book companions called “picture book challenges.” They work like an escape room game. The goal is for students to solve the challenges (activities), discover mystery words, and crack a final code word. Why? To discover the answer to a joke!Β 

Students want to complete their work because it feels like a game! Use the digital or the printable version. The digital version is ready to assign in Google and Seesaw.


After being taught the vocabulary words and hearing the book read aloud (a link to the story video is provided), students will:

1. Complete six ELA activities

2. Discover a mystery word for each challenge

3. Write the mystery words on a recording sheet

4. Crack a final code word that reveals the answer to the joke

Let’s take a look at the skills covered in this fun challenge:

Printable activities for Dasher, by Matt Tavares

This picture book challenge addresses the following skills:

  • Vocabulary
  • Making inferences
  • Nonfiction connection
  • Common and proper nouns
  • Complete and incomplete sentences
  • Comprehension questions

This challenge is digital and printable. The digital version is ready to assign in Google and Seesaw.

Christmas Read Aloud and Fun Activities: Dasher by Matt Tavares

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book activities for Dasher

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I’ve created a picture book challenge for you to try out in your classroom. You can grab it below: